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YOU ARE AT THE WRONG WEBSITE FOR AROUND THE CLOCK GAMING!!! Go to your URL browser and enter our web address. We are not affiliated with this website and any applications sent through here are not able to be viewed.
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Hi there, Rrzk here. I'm very interested in joining your server/clan. I am 16 years of age and own an Xbox360. My GamerTag is ' Rrzk ' and I play on your server almost every day, mostly because i enjoy 24/7 firestorm and there are barely any colonels which is nice. But there's one thing I've noticed that's very annoying. Jet Ramming. Just about every time i enter a chopper, my jet is almost instantly rammed, and since i'm on just about everyday I hope to enforce any new rules you plan to make in the future ahead. If you chose to accept me. My time zone in U.S Eastern ( Florida ) For any further details, please contact me via Xbox. Thanks, - Rrzk
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Hey my name is Zack I play on your server almost every day mostly because I love firestorm any way my gamer tag is UknowWHATit1S and I hope you consider me for your clan. P.S. Any questions or you want to see what I got contact VIA Xbox.