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Downloaded the update 3 the other day. Ever since then, my 360 says that my disc AND two other seperate discs of Battlefield 3 are not readable and send me back to the dashboard whenever it tries to put me in a Caspian Boarders map online. Its only that one level but this is kind of annoying and if im going to spend money on more DLC? I honestly need to fix this problem. otherwise battlefield and EA can kiss my butt goodbye. Not that nobody would care, but Im a fan and play the game almost every day. I'd like to keep playing.   Anybody have any suggestions on how i can possibly fix this issue or who I can contact that might help? 

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Same thing happened to one of my friends.


I'd recommend cleaning your disc, there are mutliple methods of doing that, which you should be able to find with google.

My friend seemed to think the best course of action would be to buy a new disc, but I wouldn't cave in just like that.