Battlefield 3 Glitches that Need Fixing! What are your Top 2??

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This is my video with some footage showing you that I - [] Shoot - 30bullets down to 4bullets Reload - 4bullets to 4 bullets Shoot - 4bullets to 0bullets Reload - 0bullets to 30bullets First time I don't do the full reload animation and the second time I do....this seems to happen to me quite a bit and i'm not sure why it happens...the second one is just another annoying glitch that pisses me off =) If you could comment on here and youtube channel that would be awesome, because one of my friends had this happen to him only once but he was curious why this happens and he never comes on battlelog so youtube is the only way he can see your comments! Thanks! AllDayBeastModeonPC
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My Player Profile is corrupted. And now I receive this message every single time I put the game in my Xbox360. I don't know how it happend but it's really anoying me.
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1. Reload glitch where animation works, but bullets don't 'rechamber'.

2. Immediately before being killed, I would shoot a SMAW/RPG and hear the missile going off, but no damage done to the enemy.

3. The SKS.