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I was at the midnight release of BF3 to pick up my pre-order and paid my $60 for the game back in November last year. I love the series, love the originals and the Bad Company games, and like BF3 very much. I held off on getting Premium because I wanted to see what they were going to do with it, and a few DLC's in I am interested.

So imagine my horror when I discover through a friend that they are now selling Battlefield 3 Premium Edition for $60 but are still charging me, and original customer, $50 just for Premium?! When I already paid $60 for the base game? When not all of the DLC is even out yet?? In fact Gamestop apparently just had a sale this weekend where BF3 PE was $40. What the cuss?? Hold on, so  let me get this straight, EA is giving away free Premium passes to players who have not put in any time in the game? Who don't even know if they like it yet? Who perhaps might not even download the two addition DLC packs that are due? And I still have to pay almost as much as they do JUST for Premium? What a slap in the face.

If you're going to sell the game AND premium membership to new players for $60 at least reduce the price of Premium to those of us that already have the game. To hell with you EA and to BF Premium, you can both gag on a fat one.

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That is super lame.  I preordered BF3 and got it day one.  I also bought Premium day one.  That was $60+$50=$110.  When i read your post i was like theres no way they are selling the game and premium membership for one low price of $60!?  I went to and saw a PS3 version for $60 w/ premium.  I mean what a deal!!  If they are doing that they should reduce the price for premium to $10 for those who already have the game.  Or don't bundle them like that at such a low price..  Either way i guess i payed full price for being a loyal BF player.

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I agree, the way they sell the DLC for $15 each, is about criminal. But this is how I bought this game, and I recommend this to everyone. Bought BF3 at Walmart last Thanksgiving for $28. Played it and sold this summer for $22 at Gamestop. (I did buy back to Karkand for $15, won't happen again.) Then, went yesterday, Thanksgiving 2012, and picked up BF3 Premium for $25. So, if I had not bought Karkand, I would have only dropped a net of $31 on BF3 and all Premium content. I say, be patient and pickup BF4 on Black Friday at Walmart 2013.