24-0 woth the L85A2 (give this gun a chance)

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I know that the M16A3 is an amazing gun with a high rate of fire, low recoil, very fast reload time, and all that, but just try out the L85A2. It is a fun gun that does very well because of its balanced horrizontal recoil.



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It's my usual go to gun for assault now. It doesnt feel the most powerful but it doesnt have a ton of recoil either.
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This must be the only gun I still haven`t tried out yet. I tried playing some SQDM to unlock it but couldn`t bear to try and get 5 wins playing that mode :(

AEK-971 was my favourite until I tried the SKS with holo and flash suppressor, got 67-15 in a match the other day and have fallen in love with it ever since. Reminds me of the good old M1 rifle ;)

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That's my gun bro.. I love it.. Wish it did more damage but still my fav.. U have to try out the as Val if you haven't tried it yet.. It's a sub machine gun that literally acts like an assault rifle..

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I was looking for a new one after the last patch that messed with all the guns. I tried out the G3A3 and L85 and while I like both, the L85 has become one of my favorites in the game. I do wish it had more power, but the smooth recoil with the decent fire rate make it awesome. I honestly think that if it had more power it would be over powered.


Glad to see people getting on board with this gun.


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Love this gun got 1500 kills with it but.... That was before i started using the M16 which i now prefer because its a little more powerful