Should have been free!!

User Rating: 7 | Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike PC
This is exactly what it said a booster packs. It contains 3 maps and a couple new weapons. That I might add are already in the original game 2142 in conquering mode as squad upgrades. The maps are very large, but I guess no larger then some of the titan maps. You basically take a position with a tank then defend as infantry. There is really no different then the first game. The only difference between the 2 games is one didn’t require a lot of graphic programming, because it’s ALL SNOW! You will get a couple easy metals for buying Northern strike. Is it worth it? In my opinion no, But is you a hard core 2142 guy it might be. If it was free like it should have been I would say get it, because it is little different then a patch. Since you have to pay for it even 10 dollars is a lot for what you get. Save your money and wait for the next Battlefield game.If you give this patch a ten you should seek group or rehab, Because your on something.