It's a cruel Battlefield in the 22nd century. It's convenient you can re-spawn!

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield 2142 PC
This Battlefield addition takes the unlocks of BF2, and goes even further. With countless game play hours offered (Granted you gruel your way through the learning curve) in store; this 2142 conflict shouldn't be passed up.
Starting out is a challenge in this Battlefield, but soon you'll get promoted in a very satisfying way (A fact that remains evident through every award in this game) and you'll be able to get your grubby little paws on some coveted unlocks. This unlocks system adds a nice incentive to the futuristic atmosphere.
The game-play style is harsh, and mobility on foot seems down a little from BF2 (Sorry. No dolphin-diving, kids.) But you'll quickly adapt game play strategy as-such. Vehicles are powerful, but not impervious, while aircraft are borderline worthless-I can't quite decide if the combat triangle is more or less balanced than in BF2, oh well. Also, one thing you'll come to find, and resent, is ease of death. The HUD is slick and well sized/placed, but the "quick-chat" (Accessed by pressing "Q" [Default]) I despise(Also in Bf2) [Multiple occasions of an obscured reticle, along with being rendered totally helpless during use, lead to my conclusion in that regard] . The communications of 1942 were unrivaled (In my own delusional opinion). This installment of battlefield shines with its hit detection system, the badge system (Knife-kills), and the voice-overs.

I'd say, bottom line is: Worthwhile, Addicting if not a wee-bit Frustrating