Great game. Just be ready to die alot in multi-player.

User Rating: 7.5 | Battlefield 2142 PC
Great Game. However, because it is so many years after the release date, be prepared to die a lot. The people who still play are mostly from Europe and are all hardcore players. Titan mode is brilliant, and honestly is the only mode worth playing in this game. There is offline, but you can only play conquest in offline. Conquest, as you may know, is battlefield games forte. It looks good in this game, but the few servers that are populated with probably be playing titan. There are four classes. Assault, Support, Engineer, and Sniper. If you intend to play as a sniper, don't buy this game. The snipers take 2-3 shots to kill and the firing rate is reallly slow. Vehicles, like other battlefield games, are important. In this game however, they are overpowered. If you see a vehicle, unless you have engineer, prepare to die. All this sounds really bad, but its really not. The game is great, just be prepared for a lot of dieing before you start to really enjoy yourself.