While it has almost no knew things over Bf2, it is still a great and engaging multiplayer shooter.

User Rating: 8.5 | Battlefield 2142 PC
Battlefield 2142 takes battlefield into the future. There are now hover vehicles, mech units like walkers and some other new things. 2142 has some improvements over bf2. There are more unlocks and different types on unlocks. The graphics while looking similar to bf2, have been sharpened up. The game modes are the same except for one new one. Titan mode. It is awesome. You have 2 ship in the air that is your main starting base. Your objective is to destroy the other side's base. You can use the hover like air vehicles to try to board the place, missles that you can use to shoot the ship. It becomes a intense battle. That is about all the new things other than 2 new factions. While 2142 brings almost nothing new to the table, it is still a fun mutliplayer experience.