Great game, all great, but it could be more sci-fi, cuz, 2010 an we have a laser beam. But some aim bots here and there.

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield 2142 PC
Great game, it's very addictive, the graphics are good, I mean, everyone can run them and are fine. The unlock system is very cool, something new for me because I didn't play BF2. So the only ones I've played are 1942, Vietnam, and this one, and with this one and the others, well there is a good difference. But well, now lets talk about the multiplayer thing: it is very very addictive, and the squad thingy is very cool, and it comes with the drones and the beacons; next is the titan mode, great invention, very original, and is pure team play sometimes. Now, there's a really really bad thing, it's because of the hackers and cheaters, because punkbuster doesn't recognize the aimbots, a very annoying thing that makes the multiplayer experience get screwed up, but well, there are many servers to choose from.

Now there's a mod that is being launched Northern Excursion, before called extreme realism, mix that mod with bf2142, and the game will be 100% a 10!!. Battlefield 2142, needs more of the 2142, because there's not a single laser beam, or a revolutionary weapon, well the titan is a weapon, but well I'm talking about the essence of the future, you feel sometimes using today's weapons with a different appearance, but that doesn't matter much on the game play of the game.