Great multiplayer!

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield 2142 PC
I fully enjoyed this game while it lasted. I have played it almost everyday for over a year! This means something. I noted this game had many full servers even when I quit playing it for the sake of Bad Company 2! However the fun deteriorated when servers got limited with "most popular" maps and too many cheats were written. In the end you gotta switch to something more fun, more explosive... ;) This game truly encouraged team-work, it was way cooler then it is now in BC2. If BF2142 could get an upgrade to BC2 engine I would still play it :)
Battlefield 2142 and its Northern Strike expansion pack is one of the examples how multiplayer gameplay must be done for the game to stay interesting for very long time. BFBC2 mp looks less complex (dumbed-down) compared to BF2142. I really have no idea why DICE took a stepback. Maybe it is due to the fact console players have shorter attention span ;) I recommend anyone to try BF2142 right now! This game will die as soon servers are empty. There's no SP to review or talk about. It is just stupid bots and you have no access to the equipment that can be unlocked and tried only with your online profile.