An AWSOME expansion to an awsome game that you can't do without.

User Rating: 10 | Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike PC
This expansion adds useful and amazing new gadgets and guns, 3 new maps and awsome new vehicles.

The expansion is deffinetly worth it and if you don't already own BF:2142 you should buy the Deluxe Edition as it comes with this expansion pack.

The new maps are all city based with many choke points and all featuring the new vehicles. One of these being the Mighty "goliath" that can easily take on and destroy the previously "masters of the battlefield" the Walkers. The Goliath has 2 Anti-infantry machine guns, 2 anti-light vehicle machine guns and for the driver a scatter cannon and a mine launcher that fires highly explosive anti vehicle mines that can explode on contact or chase a moving hostile vehcile. It's a 5 person vehicle that also refual ammo and health to nearby friendlies and CANNOT be used by the opposite team. It is a truly unstoppable beast that can even self repair making it even harder to destroy.

Although this may seem unfair to the other team it is usualy commandeered poorly and the other team can destroy it with a few engineers armed with Pilum rifles and an orbital strike.

The other vehicle is a light recon speeder that is extremly fast but also lightly armoured. Offering praticly no protection to it's crew of 2 (Driver + gunner) you can capture it for yourself if you don't blow it up first. It's armed with 2 anti infantry machine guns for the driver and a mortar + heavy anti vehicle rocket launcher for the gunner.

This is a very fun expansion to a brilliant game which you must also BUY NOW.