Best Battlefield yet!!!!!

User Rating: 8.9 | Battlefield 2142 PC
Battlefield 2142 is more set for players who have not yet played a game like this. In Battlefield 2, if you were a good player you could easily dominate the battlefield especially in the aircraft. The new aircraft in Battlefield 2142 are much easier to control since they can however like helicopters and provide a good speed around the battlefield without zooming across it in 3 seconds. Although I hate the idea that there are still tanks and buggies (they could have thought of something new) they have introduced the walker (Mech). The walker is fun especially with the new 'shield system' for most vehicles.

Although I haven't tried any of the unlocks yet, the use of grenades and the defibrillator will be very helpful, as will all the other cool gizmos they've placed in the game. I find it much easier to kill enemies in 2142 then in Battlefield 2, and that you don't have to be a PRO in order to dominate.

A great game overall, although I would like to see a couple new factions like the African nations. Also we have no idea whats going on in North America? Ya right, the Americans are going to sit around while the rest of the world fights (that'll be the day). Im sure us Canadians are going to want to move south too. Maybe that'll make a good expansion.

In summary, great game!