Actualy I am dissapointed

User Rating: 6.3 | Battlefield 2142 PC
Like I said in description I am actualy a bit dissapointed. So far the only new thing about this game besides the graphics and new weaponary actualy nothing significly has changed. Ofcourse this is the first game in the battlefield series that is based on a war that actualy did not happen. What I mean is actualy ingame fighting infantry as always is completly inferior. The guns still shoot really unrealisticly, I was really hoping they would learn something from Activisions C.O.D. 1 and 2 where they did not need to use tanks. Ofcourse flying arround is fun for a while running arround is fun for a while. But this game actualy gives no sense at all of being on a battlefield it is just running arround take flags/missile silo's and occasionaly shoot at someone.