This game is like crack, in a legal form! It is as addicting as hell. It revolutionizes online play for years to come!!!

User Rating: 9.3 | Battlefield 2 PC
This might just be the best war game ever.

The gameplay is the best ever made to be avalible to humans. You can choose between 7 classes to play as. They are Special Forces, Sniper, Assualt, Suport, Engineer, Medic and Anti-Tank. Each one has thier own special abilities. Medics can shock pads that can revive dead team mates after they have been shot. If you sneak up behind an enemy you can shock and kill them with them. Special Forces have C4 packs that can be set and detomated on command. Great for setting traps. You can choose from 3 teams to play as. The US Marine Core, Middle Eastern Collalition, and the People's Libaterion Army of China. Each one thier own weapons. The multiplayer online really is the only reason to buy this game. There are up to 64 people on one map. You can play as a Lone Wolf which is being alone, no back up and making use of your suroundings for help, not team mates. You take orders from no one, even your commander. You can be a squad leader. There is nothing really bad about being that but the men under you are your responsibility. Then you can be a squad member. This is really the best part to be but there are some restrictions to help you squad. You can do what ever but try to be a Medic or a Anti-Tank. They are the most crucial to you squads survival. The mebers of you squad can spawn next to thier commander. Then the most fun position to be is a commander. Now every one is your responsibility. You can call in Air Strikes, Scan the map for enemy soldiers, UAV drone which tracks enemy movment in the area and Suply Drop which you can give to squads who need ammo, health, and other things. You also tell which of which vehicle spawn and give squads new commands. For an example you can have them attack an out post, defend one, move to a certan point etc. As in all Battlefield games vehicles are a really big part. They have many in this game to play in. The fighter jet is small and nimble. Great for jumping at high altitueds and infiltrating un-noticed. Some planes are bombers which can have 2 people riding in them. The boat which can have up to 6 poeple in it. The best chioce for infiltrating. They get killed really fast but and easy to be un-noticed. Tanks as always are back and more fun than ever. Up to 2 people can ride in a tank at once. One has a mouted chain gun and the piolet has a big tank gun. There are some anphibios craft as well. They can be on land and in the water. They are my first choice to be in combat. They get a high power machine gun and a heat seaking missle launcher. Dune bugies are here again too. Not that good in combat but exelent for traversing the map quickly. At last but not least we have the helecopter. They are hard as 50 hells to fly but are really good in combat. Each faction has a combat helecopter which can carry two people inside it. Then there is transport helecopter. You can have 7 poeple in the helecopter including the piolet. Each vaeries from faction to faction. One problem I had was that there are not enought urban combat levels to play on. They are my favorite part of Battlefield games and we didn't get more than on this one. The online lag is pretty bad and you are going to need to download the patches for it to work well. In the end I downloaded about 1 gig worth of patches to get it to run smoothly. The controls may take a little getting used to so I recomend you to run out and get a cheap joy stick. There is really nothing else that can be said about the gameplay.

Even to this day this is one of the MOST graphicly demanding games. The only one that I can think of that is more requiring to it is Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion. You are going to need at least 512 MB of RAM to run it. I recomend getting an extra 512 to get it to at least 1024 MB of RAM. Then most of your problems. You are going to need to update ALL of you NVidia drivers for it to run well. As well as a 8x or faster CD/DVD Rom drive, 2.3 gigs of free hard drive space, 128 MB of visual memory and a NVidia GeForce FX 5700 or greater. You can also use a ATI Radeon 8500 or greater. I found the NVidia ones worked a little bit better. If you can get a hold of all of these things you are in for a graphical treat. It looks goerges. The eveviroments vast and life like. There are some graphical glitches. The menus are visually pleasing and look very nice. The litting is really good. If you run this at high each blade of grass looks pretty. Even with all of these graphical hook ups a patch will do you good. The opening scene when you fisrt time you play takes you breath away. When running on high it looks better than that.
Note: The Specs I just listed are the minimum requirements.

The sound might just be the best ever to appear in a video game. The music is preformed very nicely by a band and orchastra. Some of the music in it sooo good, I would pay to get it off of iTunes. It is deep and commanding. In the in game, there isn't alot of music. There are so many good visual effects in it though you really do not miss it. Just about any computer can run the sound on high quality you are going to want to invest in a heavy duty sound chip. If you can hook your computer up to a plasma TV and get some suround sound going you are in for an expierience like none other. Also there are some special Battlefield 2 VOIP head sets so you can make fun of your helpless enemy as you run them over in a tank. The sound in this game is like none other so you may just have to buy it so you can expierience it for real. The way it was ment to be heard. The sound is just one of the many things things that makes this game so dam emersive.

The value in Battlefield 2, like very thing else about it is amazing. The single player is not enough to keep you entertained for a few hours but nothing more. On the other hand the online.... people have been playing it for thousands of hours. Just look at the BF2 fourms and find a X-Fire sig and see how many hours they have been playing it. Need I say more... well yes I do. I just get the felling you are not convinced yet. There are ton of mods to add to your game. I recomend the jungle fight one. So even if you suck the goodness out of the normal maps go and download a mop map and start playing again. Even if you download all of the mod maps you can find the mod tool and make your own. In the BFHQ section on the main menu there is an intense ranking system that matched you up against the top player in the world. You can also earn medels as you get more kills with different units, spend so much time in vehicles, etc. YOu can also unlock weapons to play with. You will just want to play enough just to get those. The BFHQ though takes days to update, so you may earn a medel in combat online but it will not be on your profile for maybe a week. As you get better your level will go up. I'm still at pritevate. Nearly to First class private though.

I love Battlefield for it's online play. This game is going to make you want more and more and more and more and more and more that you might stage a break-in and steal all of the Betas for battlefield 2142. For now though, while planing our master hiests, we can get the expansion packs and not see the sun light for weeks wile playing this game. You will not sleep well at night knowing that only 30 more kills makes you number 15 in the world. It is that addicting.

Wrap Up:
... I have nothing else to say.

Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 10/10
Value: 10/10
Tilt: 10/10