Battlefield 2 is pure gold on the PC. It's one of the best action games released in recent years.

User Rating: 9.4 | Battlefield 2 PC
:Good Idea:
· Amazing mulitplayer experience. It's all about team work in Battlefield 2. There's a ton of weapons to choose from, a good amount of vehicles (flying, land, and water) to choose from, and enough action to keep you on your toes.
· Good looking game and great use of the EAX technology. This is one of the first games to support the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card. The graphics are great looking. There's a good view distance and a lot of high definition textures that look really amazing, with the right hardware.
· The stats system is really fun to keep up with. You actually get to rank yourself from a Private up. It's pretty fun to check your friends stats and compare them with yours.
· One of the unique functions of Battlefield 2 is the commander. You are basically the boss of your team. You get to send supplies, vehicles, and even send artillery strikes to whatever are you want.

:Bad Idea:
· To actually run this game, you're going to need some good hardware. That Voodoo 2 just won't cut it with Battlefield 2.
· Sometimes the EA server doesn't allow you to view your stats. Minor annoyance.

· Battlefield 2 is one of the best games on PC these days. There's a ton of replay value and is well worth the money. This is a game that will not lose it's flavor after a week.