A very good, deep multiplayer game kept from greatness by some minor mistakes

User Rating: 8.1 | Battlefield 2: Modern Combat X360
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat deliver almost everything a player could want in online multiplayer. Not only does it sport a large number of weaponry, an arsenal of drivable boats, vehicles, and 'copters, but it supports 24-player online play. Also, its online levels are very big and makes you actually FEEL like youre in a true battle(those used to the PC Battlefield game will find maps smaller than other games in series, however) The guns look great and there are a wide variety of other weapons alloted to each playable soldier class. For instance, snipers get a cool doohicky that allows the you and other teammates to see enemy positions. Assault class gets a grenade launcher attachment for their primary rifle. And engineers recieve an anti-tank weapon. Of course, their are much more i wont name, but i will tell you each class gets 5 items to carry, 2 of which are actual firearms. However, all these unique strengths not found in other console games are somewhat hidden behind a fair amount of minor problems. These include:
-Sometimes, when running, your character simply slides across the ground in a statue-like position. You will notice this while watching players from afar.

-From time to time, game's server will randomly go out. Most of the time, it will be back online within a few minutes, but other times its longer.

-A weak singleplayer campaign(but this is almost expected, as it is the Battlefield series' first attempt to incorporate a story-driven singleplayer mode)

-Most matches are played on a few of the games maps(most commonly, the maps played are Backstab, Bridge Too Far, and Deadly Pass), but this isnt too much of a problem because usually you can search for different maps under custom games.

Aside from these minor quirks, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a very exciting, pretty realistic online multiplayer game that should be bought by anyone that enjoys large multiplayer FPS matches.