Surprisingly Addictive

User Rating: 8.5 | Battlefield 1943 PS3
As you may already know, this is a smallish multiplayer-only game available on PSN. I received it free as a bonus for buying Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition. If you want to just buy it directly, I believe it is $15 or so.

It's worth it if you want to play a skill-based, perk-free multiplayer with destructible environments and drive-able vehicles. There are no in-game unlockables which means that the playing field is level no matter when you start playing.

The controls are a little funky but they are solid. I recommend this game to anyone who wants bare-bones old-school FPS action where 12-yr-olds don't dominate because they've unlocked all the uber-weapons and super-perks. Be warned, there are only two game-types (conquest and air-superiority) and 4 maps. I can't say much more except TRY THE FREE DEMO and you'll know exactly what you are getting.