Good game once you get the hang of it.

User Rating: 7.5 | Battlefield 1943 PS3
Now, I am new to the Battlefield franchise overall. So that could be why I had such a difficult time at first. Anyway...

Overview: You play as a US Marine or Japanese soldier fighting for control of the Pacific Theater. While there are differences in appearance between the two factions, there is no actual difference in gameplay, and therefore both sides are perfectly balanced.

These are the classes, and my overall opinions of the classes.

Rifleman - You are equipped with a rifle, grenade launcher, and grenades. Rifle takes about three shots to kill, and it is a semi-automatic rifle that takes some skill to master. The grenade launcher is good against everything but tanks. A lucky shot might take out a plane, will take out soldiers and jeeps, etc. But takes will generally shrug it off and shoot you in the face. Grenades are always useful on the battlefield.
Upon buying this game, I had heard that this was the best class. It just doesn't fit me. I, personally, had difficulty aiming at certain distances. In a firefight, I generally get killed before I can kill my opponent.

Infantry - You have a sub-machine gun, a rocket launcher, and more lovely grenades. The sub-machine gun is nice in a short-range firefight, but fails to hit any target at long range and barely hits anything at medium. But it's effective when you know you'll be killing multiple enemies at semi close-quarter range. Against vehicles, it's fine, but the arc is more irritating than the grenade launcher that the Rifleman has. However, it deals out more damage to tanks - though it still takes a few shots to bring one down. As always, grenades are nice.
One of the best features for the Infantry class is that his melee weapon is a wrench. Holding down triangle on the PS3 allows you to repair vehicles, making this class the ideal choice when you know you'll be driving a tank. Get damaged, kill enemies, repair, rinse and repeat.

Scout - You have a sniper rifle, a semi-auto handgun, and remotely detonated explosives.
This is by far my favorite class. The sniper rifle is fun to use, though it takes two shots to the body to make the kill (one for a headshot). Now, I always heard people complain about the pistol. I don't really have a problem. Sure, it takes a whole clip to kill someone, but it's more like a defense weapon. You're not meant to actually go head first into a crowd of enemies with this class. And the explosives are a lot of fun and very useful. If you drop one on a tank, you can take it out with just one explosive. You just need to get really close; best method is staying in the shadows and the bushes, staying out of sight and then running to hit them in the side or back while their turret is aimed elsewhere. They are also good defensively; you can lay multiple explosives on a road, blowing them up if a jeep or tank comes by. Another advantage is that the Scout has camouflage, allowing it to blend in with the environment. You won't be invisible, but this is the closest thing to it.

Now let's cover the vehicles.

Tank - Extremely powerful. Well armored, strong weapons, and decent speed and mobility. With a single tank, it is possible to capture a respawn point. The first seat is the driver's seat. The driver has access to the main gun, which includes the main rocket and a machine gun. A second seat is filled by a man who will operate the top gun, but he is extremely vulnerable to enemy gun fire and can also be taken out by a stray rocket or grenade.

Jeep - The jeep is mainly for transportation. It is not good offensively. If it is stationary while someone mans the turret, it can easily be taken out by a single grenade launcher, RPG, or a sniper shot to the gunner. The best option is to get out of the jeep and find cover once in enemy territory. The first seat is the driver's seat, who is pretty much responsible for everyone else. He has no weapons. The gunner can operate a mounted turret on the back. The third seat is the passenger's seat, which allows the passenger to actually shoot from the jeep with his standard soldier weapons.

Aircraft - You will man the Corsair (US) or a Zero (Japan). Unlike their real world counterparts, there really is no difference as far as function goes. Dogfights are a lot of fun, but frustrating when your enemy bail out before you can finish him off. It's also irritating to wear them down, only for them to commit suicide by crashing into the ground or another plane. They are also very good against ground units, utilizing the main guns and bombs.

Landing craft - The landing craft is dropped from carriers, carrying multiple soldiers for beach assaults. The rear guns are primarily defensive. The landing craft don't have a lot of health, so using them to attack soldiers from the sea is generally not the best idea.

The maps are nice and beautiful to look at. Almost everything can be destroyed, making it feel a lot more realistic than most shooters. However, it can be inconsistent. I was once in a bunker during an air raid, and I was killed by falling bombs. But the bunker cannot be destroyed by anything - including the bombs. So the bombs could magically hurt me, and yet cause no damage to the bunker itself.

For the first few games, you will die - a lot. The tutorial does what it can, but it can't prepare you for the actual fighting. Most of the time you will die and not even know who killed you, which is rather frustrating.

It has about twelve trophies all around. They're not hard at all, but I would have liked some more and maybe a platinum trophy. Though it would be a platinum trophy that was far too easy to "earn." However, it's also odd seeing 100% and also not having a platinum trophy.

All in all, it's a fun game. Not perfect, and at times quite hard and annoying, but that doesn't really take away from the fun.

7.5 / 10