User Rating: 10 | Battlefield 1943 PS3
battlefield 1943 is small but memorable. its similar to alot of other first person shooting games, but battlefield 1943 gets on top for barely ever having a dull moment. the gametypes are classics, with the best one being capture the flag. i know this game sounds generic and like everything you have ever played in the first person shooter department. but the nice map layout and good spot for flags make it stand out. it barely has any camping areas for people to hide and get free kills off you. the closest thing to camping it has is when you are protecting your flag. the classes are nice and easy to use. barely any recoil on the weapons, and the rifle if amazingly accurate and easy to get use to. the only thing that may have people running back to their call of duty games is the fact that there are very few maps, and since they are all set during the war, its all pretty much looks the same. vehicles and especially airplanes are probably the best part of this multiplayer. the plane while it takes some time to get use to is amazingly fun and never gets old to fly it around. the cars are great too and the best thing ive found to do with them is run people down. ultimately battlefield 1943 is a game in my opinion is the second best first person shooter next to modern warfare of course.

sincrely your, tkpanda, your future ruler