Its really good, nice visuals, nice theme but it could be better, I think.

User Rating: 8 | Battlefield 1943 PS3
I think its a fair game for the price you get it and the way you get it. Why? Well, because its really basic. There is only three maps and one air superiority one.
There are only three classes with basic weapons. You can not customize your equipment like other Battlefield games. In one way its good because it makes it a really easy game and you do not have to worry about pro players with super upgraded weapons and/or equipment: everybody has the same advantages and disadvantages. On the other way it makes it a bit difficult too because sometimes you spend almost a whole magazine to kill just one enemy, and if another enemy shows up you would like to change from your main weapon to your side weapon (a pistol). Unfortunately the only class which has a pistol in its equipment is the scout one, so if you are playing as one of the other classes you have to be really lucky to kill the enemy with either a bazooka or a propelled grenade. At the end the only thing that makes the difference is the speed which you aim and fire.
Now, I would like to say what I think about aiming in this game. Its kind of difficult or it is maybe because I am not very used to it. I have always had problems aiming with the SMGs in this game and its because you dont aim using your iron sight but the crosshairs in the screen, and once you aim you can see there is almost no difference whether you zoom in or not. Aiming with a semi automatic rifle is probably the easiest. You can use your iron sight and you can zoom in to long distances. But the weapon has a big recoil rate so its really hard to keep the target centered in your sight. Now aiming with the sniper rifles is really easy, there is no bullet drop so all you have to keep in mind is to lead the target when you fire.
The only weapons I have noticed they are affected by bullet drop are tanks and bazookas. I find the last one really hard to aim with because you use only your iron sight and I found it difficult to calculate the distance with it but I solved the problem by trying to use it only at mid range enemies.
Well what else can I say? Its a good game. The only big problem I find here is that you can not choose the map you want to play in and the faction you want to play for.
Well, once you get enough practice you will love the game and you might find it a little addictive.