This downloadable game for the xbox 360 and PS3 is one of the biggest and best online game that is cheap.

User Rating: 8.5 | Battlefield 1943 PS3
This game is during of course World War 2. The only sides that you can play on our Americans and Japanese but you can't pick them either so it kinda sucks. Also they don't arrange the new players with the veterans of the game. But the islands are huge and they are fun to play on. But there are only three of them so there ain't that much areas to battle on. Remember that this game is only worth on buying if you like playing on and you can only buy this game online so don't look for this game in stores. In the maps you start off in a battle ship, you can pick between an airplane or boat to get to the island. But if you want to take the airplane then you better be the first person on your ship cause they usually go by fast. There are tanks, cars, and also you can find some airplanes on the battlefield only at the big bases. The explosions and everything look really realistic cause the graphics are amazing. Also somethings are kinda late like your enimies are more likely to kill you cause the servers are really slow to this game.

Overall: This game is a really great game to play online and take people on. But there are a lot of floss. But you will have a lot of fun and you will fight through the ranks with this game. The good of the game is that the maps are big. A lot of vechicles. Capturing bases are really fun. The explosions look really realistic.

The bad of the game is a lot of floss and glitchs. Only three maps. Only three classes that you can choose from to play as a soldier. The battles are not equally fair.

Gameplay: 8.9
Controls: 9.1
Graphics: 9.4

Overall: 8.5