Battlefield 1943 is the best downloadable shooter of all time!

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield 1943 PS3
Battlefield 1943 has so many positive things about it, you won't wind it's few minor annoyances. The price tag is excellent, at a mere 15$. One of the few minor annoyances was that sniper hit detection can be a little spotty some times. The game is very approachable to newcomers, and very rewarding for veterans. It will get you at least 50+ hours of playtime, which is amazing for a 15$ price tag. Another problem is voice chat.The maps are large, but that is balanced by 24 player multiplayer and a variety of vehicles. Another problem occured with voice chat. You can only talk to one or two players in your squad and you can't control who. With that said, Battlefield 1943 is extremely addicting and very rewarding. Without a doubt, Battlefield 1943 is the best downloadable shooter, ar game of all time.