User Rating: 10 | Battlefield 1942 PC
BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED! even better than empire earth, Unreal Tournament 2003, Command and conquer generals, age of mythology, mafia, half life, the sims. Tons of games but I don't want to waste your time telling you all of them. This game was quite odd until the 1.4 patch came out. Now I play it every day! This game is the best WW2 game I have ever played and in the category for best game ever (my opinion)! Wonderful s****ing abilites so watch out for me. Buy this game cause I got it first day it came out and loved it. Make sure you download the patch. Also download the desert combat mod 0.38d if you don't already have it. LOve this game sooooooooooooo much. It earns a perfect 10/10 which I don't often give!