What kind of rifle did the engineers have?!

User Rating: 7.3 | Battlefield 1942 PC
bf 1942 was a good game, but with a few flaws:
1. The gun models. OK the gun models werent all that great, especially the rifle allied (and maybe axis) engineers carried. What was that?! It looked like the barrel of it was 2" wide! That was NOT an M1 Garand or a M1 Carbine, not even the WWI era Springfield!

2. The tanks and other vehicles. Ok so the Sherman looked alright, and maybe the planes too, but what was that 2-story behemoth of a tank destroyer? I have been to the Imperial War Museum in London, and they have the basic tanks and planed used in WWII by the axis and allies, the tank destroyer they had there was no near as tall! It was longer with a longer barrel, not 30-ft tall and a barrel 2 feet long! Tell me if I'm wrong but I think they went a little wacky with some of the models.

Alright, bf 1942 had some flaws, but still it was a great game! Battle of Britain still my favorite level! Please tell me if you have and argument or comment!