A clean cut WWII shooter with style overshadowing realism.

User Rating: 9.3 | Battlefield 1942 PC
Battlefield 1942 stands on new ground. Where no game has gone before. 64 players per server make the battles as close to real as ever before. Although, it's still way off, with people running around jumping in and out of planes, tanks, jeeps, etc. it feels a lot more unrealistic than other games in the genre. But to be as fun as it is. It's necessary. There are plenty of maps and next to Half-Life it has the best mod community for a game. Dozens upon dozens of maps with plenty of great mods. Some are bad, but you have to dig through the dirt to find the gold. Games like Desert Combat and Eve of Destruction take the game in new places and make it instantly replayable. Although not all is well with BF. There are some problems like the TKers and jerks online. This is in every game and vote kick is useful. Admins can't be as cruel and abusive as in Counter-Strike but with such a large community, there are a good number of jerks on there. Also, these jerks like to exploit glitches and use them to their advantage, and some even like to get cheats. Even with an anti-cheat system, cheatersare ablee to find a way through and hack up your game. The game also is meant to be a tactical game but people ahve such a craving for vehicles and mayhem that no one really forms strategies or carries them out. It's just a melee attack where everyone shooting in every direction. It's frustrating at times. But on the technical side, the patches have fixed most problems, although the game still lags on large servers because of the huge amount of players and the over-sized maps. Overall, with tons of mods, great gameplay. I mean who wouldn't want to drive a tank, plane and jeep to capture a base all in one run? It's clean and simple fun. The inevitable problems online with player conflicts and some major frame-rate issues drag the game down but it remains an outstanding online epic.