Battleborn vs Borderlands

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Gearbox admits openly that new gen exclusive Borderlands was shelved to produce Battleborn.

I have played the beta and I'm thankful I did. I mighy have spend hard earned money on this kiddy game due to my long term enjoyment of Borderlands.

If Gearbox wanted to produce a kid game version of Borderlands, I have no issues, good on them. But, delay the production of Borderlands, who is managing Gearbox? I can't buy this game, Gearbox fans have been asking for a new gen console Borderlands for a few years, if I buy Battleborn I ignore the want for a new Borderlands and excuse future ventures that delay the production of one of the best FPS, Borderlands.

What does this community think?

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The story mode feels tacked on, but I do like that they tried not to just copy the multiplayer, which is the main focus of the game, it is a MOBA, not a "kid game version of Borderlands", did you even try the multiplayer? I'm not even a fan of MOBA's, and I could tell it was one right away. Did enjoy the beta, more so once I learned the class tactics, and not to overextend lol.