Battle Realms Cheats For PC

  1. Instantly destroy enemy buildings

    1st: Select an enemy building
    2nd: Press ctrl+d simultaneously
    3rd: Watch the building turn instantly into dust! This was fixed in the Battle Pack 2 (1.10j) version of the game.

    Contributed by: brother_tausil 

  2. Serpent Clan instant Yin point trick

    Quickly train a unit into a Ronin and have him learn the Yin Blade battle gear. Take him near a tree and turn his Yin Blade on and force attack a tree. Watch your yin points rack up. This trick is good in a stage with lots of Trees.

    Contributed by: ACamelo 

  3. Lotus Clan instant Yin point trick

    Quickly build a Tomb of the Brothers and summon Lythis, one of the brothers of the crypt. Just have him attack a tree and watch yin points add up. This trick works well on a stage with lots of trees. (Note: This was fixed in later patches)

    Contributed by: ACamelo 

  4. Unlimited Brothers

    For the Lotus Clan:
    1. As soon as possible build the Crypt of Brothers.
    2. Train all 3 Brothers (you can use the Yin Farming to make it easier).
    3. Build 3 Watchtowers.
    4. Put the 3 Brothers on the 3 Watchtowers.
    5. Destroy your Crypt of Brothers (CTRL+D x2).
    6. Rebuild your Crypt of Brothers.
    7. Build the 3 Brothers again.
    8. Remove the old 3 Brothers from the Watchtowers.
    9. Put the new Brothers on the towers.
    10. Repeat.

    * Notice * The brothers only use Yin, Rice, and Water. If you destroy your Crypt of Brothers while the 3 Brothers are on foot, they will die with it. That is why if they are one the towers, they dont die. This also makes the computer think they are dead so it allows you to train new ones.

    Contributed by: m R g R i m 

  5. New Lotus Clan Instant Tin Point Trick

    You must create a Crypt of the Brothers to perform this trick. Then create either of the two brothers, Lynthis or Tausil. Select it and press f and attack the water and watch your yin rise without hurting mother nature.

    Contributed by: archangel6 

  6. Unlimited Necromancer Spirit Warriors

    1: Get a Necromancer(Serpent Clan)
    2: Summon 3 of them
    3: Save game, exit, start Battle Realms again, load the file and Summon another 3 of them

    Contributed by: Limiatan 

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