A kinda funny game, but not that good.

User Rating: 6.1 | Battle Beast PC
The game's main menu describes in the single player mode, the evil Toadman's latest crimes committed by his henchmen, upon unnamed cities. The Toadman begins to infest cities with his swarms of toads that ravage havok upon the inhabitants. The storyline is introduced to the character with very comical and humorous cartoon clips, set in cities, that usually end with someone being eaten by the toads .

The player starts by choosing a "Battle Beast" and travels through sewers, fighting other Battle Beasts, which can be controlled by the computer, or another human player in the head-to-head versus mode. After the travels to each different battle ground in the unnamed city, via the sewers; they are brought to a final level where they face the "Toadmaster". Once the Toadmaster is defeated the player wins the game.

Battle Beast is a beat-em-up fighting game in the style of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. The only difference is that you use small animals to battle one another. But beware because these cute, little animals become deadly when they transform into pumped up robots. Battle Beast features cartoon-like graphics and several mini-games mixed in between the fights such as races through mazes and secret bonus rooms to collect goodies.

Battle Beast got some funny style. The game got humour really, and that's also why it got scored by me. I must say the standard controls really sucks, they are way to hard to handle.

If you see this game in the store ( no you won't, It's way to old ).. but anyway.. if you do, you will be intrested becuase the cover is so sexy!

Battle Beasts was one of the first games released that were specifically designed for Windows95.