A game while having its fair share of flaws, still manages to be enjoyable

User Rating: 8.5 | Battalion Wars 2 WII
The original Battlaion Wars was unappreciated solely because it was brought out at the end of the GC's era. Battlaion Wars 2 though, being released in the period that is now, being the biggest gaming generation of all time has given it more and less appreciation. People should realise that this is not like COD however much people may think. Battalion wars is an RTS shooter, that instead of getting you to build an empire, sets you in charge of a battalion of warriors, may they be rifle grunts, to anti air veterans, or a fleet of bombers.

The game uses the pointer of the wii mote as the curser and there for where you shoot, it does this while also utilising the other controls on the wiimote and the nunchuck. The controls, however innovative can be tedious and annoying as you first learn how to use Boats or planes, although if you actually spend time playing it, that hindrance does fade, although it may resurface unexpectedly.

The game is set in the period after the first battlaion wars, while at the same time very heavily relying on a war torn past.
People should take note that the Anglo Isles were not in the previous game, and that the Dune Seas and Coral Atolls do not play as much of a significant role.

It also allows control in its campaigns of the multiple nations of the world, not just the Western Frontier. Other than the frontier you get to control the Solar Empire, the Anglo Isles, the Iron Legion (old Xylvania) and the Tundran empire. Allowing for a much broader storyline, although a little short and light hearted.

The game however cartoony it may look, is detailed and visually up to date.

The music though is good, can be a bit repitive.

The Wi Fi, is quite well done, but like some other games, is unappreciated and cannot completely be utilised because there arent enough people who have the game online. So it can be counted as a flaw that not enough publicity has resulted in a hurt and lonely wifi system

Although the game has a few flaws, they should be overlooked, because it is a good game, although to some it may seem short lived, if you get into it you can be entertained for quite a while. Good game Kuju and Nintendo, and may Battalion Wars 3 build on this and become just as good as the Call of Duty series while still retaining its RTS gameplay and charm