Batman is a so-so game based on a good movie.

User Rating: 5.8 | Batman NES
:Good Idea:
·Graphics, for a NES game, are amazing. They're drawn very well and probably a higher polygon count than most newer Batman games (joking, but it does look good).
·The weapons are pretty sweet. They're not as cartoony as you'd expect from an older game.
·The baddies are really smart, which gives you a tough challenge but...

:Bad Idea:
·...this game is incredibly hard. It's one of those games that takes forever just to beat the first few levels. Be prepared to rip your hair off and use every word in the book at your television.
·Some minor glitches make the game even harder than the programmers planned on. Mainly some minor (very minor) clipping issues.
·Usually, I don't care about this but SunSoft should have used a spellcheck for the intro. It's 'Parents', not 'Parrents'.

·This is actually the best Batman game avaliable. The game is a neat collector's item for DC Comic or just Batman fans.