An excellent NES game!

User Rating: 10 | Batman NES
This is one of the best NES games that I ever played. I know that is a bold claim considering how many good NES games are out there. Batman had some of the best graphics and music, which isn’t bad for an 8-bit game. Its visuals and sound almost rivaled some 16-bit games.

This game does deviate from the movie regarding some of the levels and enemies. The sewer and laboratory levels aren’t from the movie and the only enemy you face from the movie is the Joker. This really doesn’t take away any of the fun in the game, unless you are pretty anal about how closely it should follow the film. The graphics aren’t the bold and colorful kind that many NES games had, but were dark and had shading effects. The music is where this game really stands out. Normally a game has a maybe one or two levels where the music rocks, but all the music in this game is excellent. The game play is simple and easy to learn. The only thing that will take some practice is timing your jumps and mastering the wall bounce. Until I got those moves down, I struggled to get past the 3rd level. There are only five levels, but for games available at that time, it was within the average for game length. I used to wow people with claiming I could beat it in under 30 mins. Sure, something like that isn’t that impressive today, but back when the NES was king, people would eat crap like that up. Ahh, when gaming was so much simpler and only appealed to socially challenged dorks. Those were the days.