A fantastic retelling

User Rating: 10 | Batman: The Telltale Series (The Complete Season) XONE

I am very on the fence whenever someone tries to adopt a franchise, Especially when there's already a stellar amount of Batman games out there. When Telltale announced the series, I was interested and also worried about how things would turn out. What point of Batman history would they adapt? Who would voice the cast? So let's get cracking on my thoughts about this one.

First off, The cast is fantastic. I love the voice actors as they really sell their roles, which takes place during the early days of Batman as it doesn't seem that he's donned the cape long before being thrown into the fire. We see a rather young Bruce dealing with the introduction of Catwoman, the beginnings of the Joker, the fall of former friend Harvey Dent and the rise of Two-Face. And on top of that, Bruce has to face a mysterious villain aiming to take down his family name. It's a real character builder for him and a true test for the young caped crusader.

The story does a wonderful job merging all these characters together into an interesting and satisfying storyline. The moral choices are often difficult ones because any Batman fan knows how some of them play out and it's tough choosing between the lesser of two evils. Most of the time, It's never a win-win and that's what makes these choices so tough.

Now we go to the gameplay. It's mostly your typical Telltale gameplay with a lot more fluid action built into it. In true Batman style, You break down areas of entry and decide your best plan to attack. It can be quite fun and entertaining going through these big action scenes. You almost feel like Batman for a minute or two.

Overall: 10/10
It's a fantastic experience playing this season and I highly recommend it. It's one of the best Telltale has put out.