Batman:The telltale series

User Rating: 7 | Batman: The Telltale Series PS4

From the developers of the Wolf Among us and the Back to the Future game comes Batman: The telltale series. Where you enter the corrupt streets of Gotham as either multi millionaire, Bruce Wayne or as the Dark knight, Batman. A mixture of forensics and political appearances makes the game interesting to explore. The shift between the two, makes players think on two completely different levels, in which makes the player (Batmam/Bruce Wayne) come in contact with new or very familiar faces. Either way, Telltale does a great job elaborating on The Dark Knight.

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If have ever played a telltale Game, the ability to shape your game experience is crucial to the game experience. Added pressure is almost overwhelming when bombarded with a choice. I found myself pausing in the most important decisions, but I still had felt as if I chose the wrong option. When you are Bruce Wayne and all the press' focus is on you, even something as small as a conversation can ruin your reputation. Decisions can and most definitely will also affect Batman. Though Batman's play through is not easily compared to Bruce Wayne's. You (as Batman) will determine how brutal or non violent your version of Batman is. a brutal batman equals an outlaw wanted by the police and a good offers more police support. A two hour episode can cram a lot of information into one episode, but somehow they also repeat a lot information. Yes, I do understand your parents are dead, Bruce. Yes, I do understand Alfred's disappointment in Bruce.

Figure 1: Example of just how brutal Batman can be.

Like Arkham Knight, Telltale introduces a new antagonist and new sides of characters. When playing through, not even my large knowledge of comics could have helped me figure out what is what. For instance, I can't help wondering if Bruce Wayne's old friend, Oswald Cobblepot will become the penguin. The new antagonist, whose name is unknown, is nothing like ever seen before, using chemicals as a weapon. Combat can switch back and forth depending on how Batman approaches the threat at hand. players are tasked with either taking out a room silently or casually, sometimes it is needed to map out the course of action. Regardless, all 3 ways have one thing in common, simplicity. It isn't hard to learn how to fight in the game, for it is as simple as following the instructions on the screen. flick up for a throw may be an example or even press X for a counter. A new addition to the telltale game is the super meter. Basically, the more successful your attacks the higher points you receive to unleash an all out attack. Along with the fast combat, it is a main feature to do detective work as Batman/Bruce. Then comes voice acting, Troy Baker does an good job on portraying Bruce Wayne. Although, compared to previous work his work in this is really just ok. Batman, formerly Kevin Conroy, is now using a voice changer, in which adds a certain fear into his character.

->The Verdict

Batman: The telltale series offers players with more than just a casual game, it offers them with a political/vigilante experience. Within the game you will explore the world of Bruce Wayne, millionaire, and Batman, The superhero. It is good to know that Telltale still keeps it's distinct game play, in which making decisions molds and crafts the story ahead of you. While it is annoying to constantly be reminded about the same thing, the positive of the game mostly covers it up.