What is probably the best show currently on the TV screen translates pretty well to the DS screen.

User Rating: 7.5 | Batman: The Brave and the Bold - The Videogame DS
This was an awesome game, truly great beat-em up from beginning to end, too bad it's one of the shortest games I've ever played. I didn't clock it, but it must've been 2 and a half to 3 hours or something like that. You get a fair amount of variety for a beat-em up, you play as Batman, but you also get various other super heroes who team up with him depending on the stage, the other playable characters include Plastic Man, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Red Tornado and Green Lantern. You can power up Batman's abilities and weapons, the stages play like a 2D beat-em up with platforming sections. The bosses are easily the best part of the episode, The Joker shows up at the tutorial stage and is the first and easiest boss in the game, like the series it's based on, the awesome series it's based on I should say, the game favors the more obscure villains, so we get Dr. Polaris, Babyface and Morgaine LeFey to name a few, but there are some of the more recognizable villains as well here. The humour that the show is so well known for is somehow lacking here, there is disappointingly enough, no voice acting, yeah, we get Diedrich Bader's grunts during battle, but I was kind of hoping they would have the actors from the show like in the Wii version. Transformers Animated for the DS had Corey Burton, David Kaye and the lovely Tara Strong among others, so this was kind of a let down.

But the game succeeds by being pure fun, the story is absolutely ridicilous and nonsensical, I must say I enjoyed the heck out of a certain reference to the 60's Batman movie, yeah, that reference was THE BOMB (wink, wink). It's so absurd, and the game could've been even better with more moments such as this. By constantly getting new characters with new powers and weapons, the game doesn't get stale, the boss fights are the definite highlights, most stages have two boss battles, which are varied and not just running up to whoever it is you're fighting and pressing the attacks button, you need strategies, some of the time, you see, the game is so unbelievably easy, and I get it, it's a more kid friendly game, but a tad more challenge would've been appreciated, though you can unlock extra challenge stages and stuff like that. The game looks nice and captures the style of the show, with bright, vibrant colours. If you like Batman and this show in particular, you'll enjoy the game, it's great, but the length and lack of challenge is a major issue, so I can't roll out the highest scores for this one.