A short an easy game. Kids only.

User Rating: 5 | Batman: The Brave and the Bold - The Videogame WII
Batman is a nice looking game, with close-to empty content. You are Batman or one of its friend and advance in a 2D environment beating all the enemies you encounter. With a slight (very slight) dose of plateforming.
The game is easy, easy, easy. The few times you die, you reappear at the very same spot. As a result, finishing is a not a challenge, not at all, and you might find this game interesting only if you love looking for high score. If you like challenge, go and see somewhere else.
On top of that, Batman is extremely short. 4 short worlds and the game is finished. I guess i finished the game in 6 hours or so. By the way, those environments differ one from the other (fortunately !), but none is outstanding.
At you end, you have unlocked all weapons and upgrades, but what for... I do not see why I would replay to this game.
Eventually, not a bad game, but an empty experience. Time not wasted, but badly invested.