Not great, but not Terrible

User Rating: 7 | Batman Begins PS2
In this games case it's the same as Superman Returns. A step in the right direction. The good: The game looks great for the PS2, the combat is great, great voice acting, Batman can where different suits. The bad: This game is way, way, way, way, way,way,way to short, I meen it's shorter than Lego Star Wars!. The batmobile stages are more frusterating than fun, theres no level select, and theres no (Are you ready?) BOSS FIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would have been nice to throw in some extra villens and levels like they do in most super hero games. I also can not believe how great Gotham looked, to bad you can't explore it at least by roof top during the game. I also can't believe Lt. Gordon only makes cameo in the game, come on he's like one of the main charicters in the movie. Ok it seems like I bashed this game enough, the game does make feel like Batman for 3 hours. I'd at least give it a rent, it's great while it last.