A Good Batman Game.

User Rating: 8 | Batman Begins PS2
At first, I thought Batman Begins wouldn't be a good game because it's based on a movie. And I haven't liked a single movie-based game until I played this one. Batman Begins is a decent game knowing that it was released on 2005. The graphics are classic of course, though it's still quite good. A downside of this game is that the plots in the story are predictable. The first time I played it I knew where to go and how to move forward. I never got lost and it wasn't a challenge. The enemies are easy to kill. Well, in Batman's case, he doesn't kill them, he scares them then knock them out. The mechanics of the battle system is simple the way I like. You can punch, kick, block and final attack. There are some parts wherein you can grab a person and interrogate him. It is fun and relaxing. I am not a competitive player and I focus on the enjoyment of the game. That is why I liked Batman Begins.

What I really like about this game is that I can relate it to Batman Arkham City. You can see Ra's Al Gull, Zsaz, Scarecrow and Falcone. I enjoyed playing this game even though it's short. If you want t play a classic game with classic graphics, go ahead and play this game. It's a good game overall. Enjoy!