I'm quite sceptical about movies turning into video games, but Batman Begins actually surprised me.

User Rating: 7.5 | Batman Begins XBOX
Usually when you buy a video games based on a good movie, you get what you bought. Things that are added in that had nothing to do with any involved in the film, with none of the actors/actresses in the movie voicing in the game. But in this you get an exception. You get levels that are almost accurate to the film (ex. the training level in Himalayas, that gives you the tutorials to the game with the voices of Christian Bale as Batman), as well as two driving levels where you get to drive the legendary Bat-Mobile. As surprising as it was, the driving levels were quite simple (for people who suck at driving levels in games), and have good turning control. The game shows similarity to the movie (scaring enemies to defeat them) as well as the somewhat basic game play of the Splinter Cell games (using stealth as one of your greatest ally). To sum it all up, I think Batman Begins shows a light to the crappy to movies-turned-video-games, but I recommended that you rent it first.