As a Batman fan at heart, I believe this is not only one of the worst movie games out there, but THE worst Batman game.

User Rating: 4.6 | Batman Begins GC
To those who are huge Batman fans, this game is a great disappointment. After I completed this game and tried out the "bonuses", I banged my head against the wall for wasting $40 on this so-called Batman game. Because it is not possible to actually play a mission over again (other than the two Batmobile missions), it is impossible to actually play the game using the different costumes you acquire after beating the game. You can, however, see them in the Gallery of Fear, but it's just not the same. Another thing is that you cannot delete game files, which will drive a lot of people insane. What was the worst thing for me was that when pressing the Reset button on the Gamecube, you have to wait two minutes before actually getting to the title screen. This game also lacks freedom. You either do exactly what the game wants you to do, or you get shot, which will also happen because of the awful camera and radar. Of course, this game has its perks. This game is fun and challenging, and voice overs by the actual actors in the movie is a good thing.There are lots of puzzles to solve, and many trials that require focus and skill. However, this is not enough to save the score of this game. Over all, this game is terrible, and even worse to Batman fanatics as myself. If you do want to play this game, rent it. Batman Begins for the Gamecube is more trouble than it's worth.