This is a very fun game, but it's too short. I beat it after renting it!

User Rating: 7.5 | Batman Begins PS2
Okay. To start off, I've never really liked Batman, but with barely any games that come out in the summer, I rented it. The graphics are really good, I loved the way the cape like shined and creased when you moved around. Also, the gameplay is pretty fun as well. You use "fear" to make you enemies terrified of you, and then attack, when they are most scared. The only negatives about this game is that it's too short and in addition to being too short, the levels were really long, I died and had to go back to the very start of the level most of the time. And, also, on some enemies, you can interrogate them. That was a positive. I liked seeing Batman beat up enemies for information. That was fun. But, really I say rent it first, you might beat it like I did! :P