First great Batman Game!

User Rating: 9 | Batman Begins PS2
Let me just start off this review with saying that past batman games haven't quiet been so good, but after playing Batman Begins I like playing a superhero even if doesn't have super powers Gameplay This game has a combination of other games put into one, you've got the radar from MGS, stealth gameplay from Splinter Cell, and driving levels from Burnout (they literally took that game and added the bat mobile, added some thug cars and cop cars and shoved it into this game! and when you wipe out a thug car, they even call it a take down just like in Burnout 3!) But that doesn't effect gameplay to much. This game is too "playable" meaning that it doesn't make you think. In a game where the only way to really kill your enemies is scaring them and you have to use the environment to get there mind shaken, the game shouldn't have it where you just push up or down on the d-pad and it aims at what objects can be knocked down, blown up, doors opened etc. thats just is too easy! Once your enemies are shaken by you, you swoop in and start fight and beating the crap out of the enemies, the game tells you every thing in a context sensitive type of way, example if there are multiple thugs around and within kicking distance, a box in the upright hand corner of the screen will be displayed with "multienemy kick O". The controls are very good and easy to learn. Graphics When I first booted this game up my mouth dropped, I couldn't believe how detailed everything is in this game, the character models are super realistic, batman looks very nice, cap is very realistic and all! plus I think they used some physics system since there are rag dolls in this game along with the objects. Sound The voices in this game are really good, same actors from the movie are in this game. also the music score in this game is really good and when say you take out an enemy or intergation is in progress, the game hits you with a really dramtic "druuuuuuuu" (like in the scary movies when something pops out and you here trupet like sound that scares you even more) The Value of this game is a little bit above normal, you finish the game within about 6-10 hours and the replay value is OK, you get to use older batsuits the second time around but thats pretty much it! Lots of ladders, pipes, ropes in this game!