Batfans are finally treated to a decent game featuring the Shadow Knight so it's time to rejoice!

User Rating: 8.1 | Batman Begins XBOX
The decision to make Batman Begins into a Splinter Cell clone was a wise choice indeed. Granted, it is a very dumbed down version but then again many people considered the Splinter Cell games to be too difficult. Missions are laid out in this fashion - Use stealth to sneak around unseen and quietly take out bad guys, then use something in you environment to spool out those that remain and finally once they are distracted by the fear of The Bat that you put in them you pounce for some tasty hand to hand combat. Levels are well designed so that even despite their very linear paths they do not look like it and do have some choices in how to handle situations. The presentation, graphics and sound are some of the best for a movie licensed game. The sad thing is that the game is short and has some Burnout style driving missions in which you crash into thugs on the road which just seems...dumb. Still, this is game is a very decent and I hope that others will soon follow.