Not a bad game at all.

User Rating: 7 | Batman Begins PS2
EA games as usual give us amazing graphics but obviously graphics arent the only things needed to make a good game and thankfully EA make some cracking games. Batman Begins is not a bad effort, unlike catwoman which has put me off most movie tie-ins for a long time. Batman begins, at first makes you believe that you could be playing a bad game but as you go along you begin to realise that it is really not a bad game but instead quite intelligent and fun. The word not to be used here is original because it is far far from it, it is blatantly obvious that ideas have been taken from splinter cell and yes it makes the game good because splinter cell is so good but it also makes the game bad in some respect because of the fact it feels like someone elses work at most times. It is far better than i had ever thought it would be though and driving the bat mobile is all kinds of fun however suspiciously reminding me of Burnout 3, yet again not a bad thing but ideas have been taken here and its obvious. Gameplay is pretty straight forward, the action looks cool but actual fighting feels a bit out of your hands, like it is being done for you which does not work so well. Batman Begins in it's own rights is not fantastic and not great, but with ideas "borrowed" it does get a ranking of good because it is fun but i am unsure of the whole stealthy approach thing which i feel has not been done too well, it keeps you going for a while, i advise renting this one instead of buying though.