The definitive Batman game for the definitive Batman movie.

User Rating: 7.9 | Batman Begins XBOX
I was skeptical about this game, considering that Batman hasn't seen a decent game to his name for this entire generation of consoles. Boy was I surprised when I played this game. The graphics are as good as they get when it comes to movie based games. Textures are well done, as are the facial expressions on Batman and the thugs. One particular thing I liked were the backdrops in the outdoor stages. It looks like there's an actual city in the back, rather than some wallpaper pasted on for screen filling purposes. The gameplay is quite simple and repetitive, but it works. You have your basic punch and kick buttons, and you can press either one and form some combos. Then you also have an array of special attacks, like an area attack when you're surrounded by enemies. As I said, pretty basic but it works. What also works is the stealth element added to the game. You sneak around avoiding enemies, getting behind them and grabbing them to knock them out. This game is by no means as stealthy as a game like Splinter Cell, but I'd say it's stealthy enough for a Batman game. Your success against your enemies depends on how much fear you put into them. The way that works is basically you'll target some well placed environmental hazards and throw a batarang at them. This sets off a little in game cinematic of the hazard going off and the enemies start to crap their pants in fear, and often drop their weapons. While this is real cool, it gets VERy repetitive, since this is the way it is every itme there are enemies. Spot the hazard, throw a batarang it and kick thug butt. I don't have much to say about the sound other than it's very good, especially if you have surround sound. Overall, an excellent batman game. The biggest gripe I have about it is that it's just too short, and the fact that there's little replay value (other than finishing it again in one of the different costumes you unlock afer finishing the game) doesn't help much.