The people that will like the game, are the ones who love the film!

User Rating: 7.3 | Batman Begins PS2
Batman begins is a great movie as most of us already know. But how is the game, does it capture the great of the movie? Or is it just ANOTHER bad movie game? Now while 'Batman Begins' is probably the best Batman game ever made, unfortunely that is not really saying all that much. The game it's self looks great. Strong character models and nice textures really adds alot to the games atmosphere. On the downside is it's frames per second, at times during the game a smaller second screen pops up on one of the corners of the screen. It is during these periods when you notice a dramatic slow down in the game. Things begin to move slowly and really takes a lot away from the games strong atmosphere. On the upside is it's voice acting, all the stars from the game do there own voices and while some of the dialogue is a little off, having the actors voice there characters really adds a lot to the experience. The punches and the kicks also sound great, and while there not destintive from other games like it, they still sound great, The basic gameplay is becomes fairly repetive, as you run around in neat inviorments you will notice that the control scheme is really quite boring. There is one button for punch and one for kick and even though the game is not long, you will be ready for it to end when the game finally comes to a close. No multiplayer, not much replay value, but a slew of little goodies like movie clips and interviews really makes this game worth its value. And as a bonus you will recieve a free movie ticket to 'Batman Begins'! All in all this is not a bad game at all, but unfortunely its not all that great either, which ends up resulting in a dissapointing batman game overall. But for the fans of the movie, it is at least a rental, if not a buy.