A recommedation for Batman fans, but worth checking out regardless.

User Rating: 7 | Batman Begins PS2
I was incredibly happy to finally see Batman Begins, i have been waiting for it for about a year and a half, and the movie was more than I could ever ask for. I even received a free Batman Begins promotional poster with the pre-order of the game, which was only $40 and came with a free movie ticket, so how could I go wrong? I... don't really think I did. This game is a blend of some of the various dissapointing aspects of the random action-adventure and super hero games. Its got the levels that dont let you do anything fun or exciting, its got the gadgets and weapons you can only use at certain times, and its got the sometimes annoying and always repeatitive AI. On the plus side, the game is not too hard, its pretty easy to get into because it is not one of the more stressful games, and it stays relatively on track with the movie. Throughout the course of the game, you also unlock various interviews the cast, clips, and previews of the film. If you're a Batman fan, I would recommend this game, but I would suggest checking out Rise of Sin Tzu and Vengeance first. If you're looking for a good action-adventure, this probably wont do it for you, but it may hold you over for a few days. Definately worth a rental, maybe not worth $40, but then again, I did get a sweet poster and a free ticket to see the movie again.