A good Batman game

User Rating: 7.5 | Batman Begins PS2
Batman Begins is the latest movie licensed game to be released by EA Games. This game is mainly a mixture of stealth, action and platforming. As we all know games based on movies don't usually go well, but Batman Begins is definitely in the better half, however, some areas do let the game down.

Graphics 8/10
In my opinion, Batman Begins shows off some beautiful graphics. Batman himself looks very detailed; his suit is excellent shades of black as it changes through the different lighting. The environments are often dark and gritty, but this is for the better rather than the worse. This game does really capture some nice scenery of Gotham City that is well detailed, however, some environments look too dark and plane for much interest ,generally very good.

Sound 7/10
Most of the films cast voice the game. They all do it very well; even the guards and enemies have great voices, a job well done. General sound effects are adequate, during combat you sometimes get fed up of the repetitive sounds but there are no major problems in the sound department.

Game play 7/10
This is where some things could have been done better. Most of the game is stealth based as you sneak around completing various objectives, following the film story. The platforming parts are very easy to figure out, it consists off using gadgets to pull yourself around buildings and swing from place to place, similar to many other games of the genre. The combat-system is surprisingly effective and easy to use, again it's very simple but fun. Square and Triangle buttons are your mains but circle is used for dramatic finishing moves and special attacks. You never really feel like you are struggling in battles, but it is fun at first. Stealth kills are easy to pull off, just line yourself up behind the enemy and press circle, a very basic feature.
The game itself is extremely linear/straightforward. Targets pop up all over the screen guiding you along corridors so you are never particularly lost, the targets should not have been put in the game, they come on screen and labels silly things like doors and useable items, so all challenge is simply gone, very easy.

Length/replay ability 6/10
The length of this game is very disappointing, on my first play it took just 6 hours to finish the entire game and unlock everything. You unlock various cast interviews and pictures, nothing too interesting unless you are a huge fan of the movie. So with such a short play time and nothing else to unlock, nobody will really bother with starting again.

A very average game. Much too short and simple, a little bit repetitive and you eventually get tired of the same locations and fighting. However, if you are a fan of the movie and enjoy stealth based adventure games, then I do recommend it, otherwise, rent it.