Batman: Arkham

User Rating: 2 | Batman: Arkham Origins PC

I have been playing games for more than 15 years. This game is made by WB game Montreal, WB Games, and Splash damage. They made this game using Unreal Engine. Now, there are few problems with the game; for example, the game has too much cinematics that ruins the game experience. Another problem is game mechanics, sometimes I can’t control what the character actions in the game. Moreover, the compass is not accurate and got me lost more than once. Also, Batman can glide, but can’t jump. Button configuration is terrible, through the game you use triangle most of the time. Furthermore, I wonder if someone at WB has ever tested this game before releasing it. The game has good graphics, but good luck trying to control your character in this game. Batman can't swim in the game. The game camera angle is bad. I have encountered many glitches in the game. in my opinion, this game is terrible. the body armor is useless in this game no matter how you upgrade it. I hope whoever made this game read this review and fix their broken game.