A Worthy Sequel

User Rating: 8 | Batman: Arkham Origins X360

The reviews of this game have been unfairly harsh and critical. Yes it's true that the game retains the same core gameplay mechanics of the previous two it nevertheless does serve up enough new content to make it a worthwhile purchase.

Boss fights are done exceptional well with each one offering a new and different experience which will test different aspects of the Batman's abilities. Other portions of the game, most notably the Mad Hatter section, are a feast for the eyes which you will not want to end.

Side missions were always a fun diversion in Arkham City and in Origins they have been given a lot more polish and content. Completing these missions, whilst not essential to progression of the main story, unlock extra gadgets and skills, which will come in very useful. The CSI style investigations are particularly fun and engaging to play through.

Combat is still as fun as ever. There is simply nothing more satisying than power gliding into a group of 20 thugs and then battering seven shades out of them. The addition of new enemy types, such as the martial artist, add another dimension and will force you to adjust your tactics.

Graphically the game is top notch. Gotham has been recreated in breathtaking detail. A fast travel system is available but flying and grappling through the air, dealing with Riddler datapacks as you come across them, is just so much fun that you will rarely want to use it.

If you really liked the previous Batman games this is a must buy. If you like the Batman character but you have never played the previous games this is a must buy. If you like open world sandbox type games with lots of variety this is a must buy.

6/10 from Gamespot simply does not do this game justice.